Hinna Behel | Visual Merchandiser | LOUIS VUITTON
"HG Graphics has been a great support to LV India for almost 6 years! The quality of work and the services extended, have been more than asked for! We wish to choose their services for years to come."

Devshri Dayal | Visual Merchandiser | ICONIC
"HG Graphics has always been an expert when coming to window executions or lounge props setup. No matter how complicated the designs are they try level best to deliver best possible execution and living format to our designs."

Himani Shetty | Visual Merchandiser | AMANTE
"The best part about working with HG team is that they are very prompt and deliver high quality work. Harjee and his team always do their best - with incorporating our concepts and ideas, within our budgetary requirements. Even though our timelines are tight, I can always rely on the HG team to deliver once they commit. One of the best vendors in this field. Kudos to the team!"

Radhika McGregor | Vice President | CARATLANE
"It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of the HG Graphics. We have been using them for the part 3 years, and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always ensure of great finish and timely execution."

Anukriti Awasthi | ASICS
"HG Graphics has been a one stop dependable agency for us. Your robust infra as well as team structure is impressive. Your efforts towards constantly evolving with materials & technology will obviously take you & us a long way. Special mention to our account manager, Wasim who has been reliable & always ventures out of the way to ensure client satisfaction. Cheers to a long term association!"

Vikesh Kumar | Visual Merchandiser | REEBOK
"HG Graphics has been associated with Reebok since a long time and I must say that they have been doing a remarkable job. The helpful employees who are open to ideas, deliver exuberant premium work on time and we couldn't have been happier. The notable assistance provided by the HG Graphics' team in a short notice of time, has not only won the confidence of the Reebok team but the heart as well. I would like to conclude by saying that the HG Graphics team offers quantitative services which are of high quality and caliber, hence they have great potential to grow and expand. The smooth process in which the work is done is very commendable and we are very satisfied with the final outcome."

Faisal Siddiqui | Regional Visual Merchandiser | PUMA
"We have had a long association with HG Graphics and it has been a successful one. From delivering high quality props to planning and delivering of our campaign installations throughout Northern region in tight deadlines, HG Graphics has never disappointed us! The team at HG with which we are associated is extremely diligent, detailed and service oriented in their approach."

Divyata Rastogi | Visual Merchandiser | RBL
"It’s been great working with you all. I appreciate the quality and timelines you are able to match for all my VM related work. The global team of Kate Spade appreciates the quality and the exact materials you have maintained for all the windows. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to work more with you."

Siddhant Sahu | Founder | FEW STEPS AHEAD
"It’s has always been a pleasure to work with HG Graphic since all these years. They have been reliable and consistent partners for our projects and a company that you can rely upon."

Neeraj Walia | COO | MONT BLANC
"I have known HG Graphics for nearly 2 decades now. They have always been a very reliable partner with solution-oriented approach. Their team is abreast with latest developments on technology and also guides on new and innovative solutions. It has be a great association and we wish them the best for times to come!"

Shivam Sagar | RBL
"HG Graphics - A responsible, reliable and top of the notch quality of materials & service provider. A company that puts soul into each project and brings out true emotion and character of the concept."

Shivendra Bhardwaj | Executive Visual Merchandiser | ASICS
"I have been working with HG Graphics for almost 4 years now, since the time I started with Visual Merchandising and am happy to say that they have never let me down even in the tightest of spots. Great Quality, Broader Horizons for explorations and material manipulations, Dependable and Great turn around time."

Shardah Uniyal | Aditya Birla
"I have found HG Graphics team very professional, proactive and always available to ensure on-time delivery of projects commissioned."

Faisal Siddiqui | Regional Visual Merchandiser | PUMA
"HG has consistently delivered high quality props and fabric prints to us in the northern region. The team at HG has been dependable and prompt."

Ragini Nikale | RBL
"HG Graphics-One of our foremost reliable vendor. Virtuous understanding of Concepts/materials/Designs, which makes the interaction easy and quick. Quality and prompt response is one of their key factors."

Anuraag S | Author, Creativist & Founder | PENCILBOX
"When it comes to ‘Innovation’ or ‘Unconventional’ design execution, I think of HG Graphics only. They are pioneer in developing and executing the unthinkable concepts. We have worked with them on many projects, be it a signage, packaging or any interactive POSM or Window Display roll-out, they are quick and ready to explore new possibilities. My one stop solution for all creative executions is HG Graphics."

Chintesh Kumar | LACOSTE
"The service & support provided for window prototypes, sampling & execution has been very professional with proper attention to details. HG Graphics has shown positive attitude in all respects to nature of work. Thank you very much."

Dharmendra Sharma | Project Manager | Universal Sportsbiz
"We have been associated with HG Graphics for over 4 years now and their service is impeccable. The team understands the brief very well and executes it to perfection every time. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with them."

Tushar Kundekar | ASKE
"It has been a sheer pleasure to be associated with HG. What we love about your company is the ease of communication and reliability as a vendor. We dont have to follow up and the work gets done. It feels like you are part of our company and not an vendor. Please keep up the good work and we shall look forward for a long term association."

Sayantani Santra | CASIO
"HG is one of the most reputed brands we work with and no wonder they are! Professional, always attentive and do not mince words to share feedbacks. We love working with honest, professional people. Keep up the good work!"

Nishant Sharma | Zonal Business Manager | CEAT
"I would like to take an opportunity to first of all thank you for 4 years of service to our company. We have always appreciated timely delivery with quality standard maintained by you as per company guidelines for our shoppe. Having business terms with professional vendor like you is indeed a positive verity for our company."

Amitava Das | Production Manager | HAKUHODO INDIA
"If we comment on HG Graphics as a business associate, then the only word comes first, that is, HG Graphics is very much accountable. Disciplined, systematic, professional business associate they are---organisation like ours (where schedules are always very critical & quality is Japanese standard) can completely bank on them. Whenever we logged in the projects with them, never ever they deviate the quality & schedules (obviously, the brief to them, before the commencement of the jobs, remain always crystal-clear). We wish them more progressive & one of the most advanced organizations in India & abroad."

Amit Kumar Jha | 24 SEVEN
"Till the date, I guess I have completed more than 40 stores in span of less than 1 year. In these duration it was fabulous experience with you guys. Timely work completion hassle free is strength of your team. Keep it up."

Gaurav Dhami | LG
"As HS AD we really appreciate contribution of HG Graphics team in successful execution of our instore management projects for Home Entertainment category."

Devesh Dubey | Vice President - Projects | BURGER KING
"I'm impressed with you and your team responsiveness, in that I called you and you were able to provide the services I needed the next day. Your team has been highly qualified and experienced and responded with just what we needed in a very short time, with no wasted effort. It has always been a pleasure to work with you guys and look forward for more and more such productive efforts in future aswell.. Good Luck!"

Pushparaj Bala | TWININGS
"HG Graphics is a One Point Retail Solution Provider. Twinings has been engaged with them for last 4 years for all marketing activities. HG team has been very supportive in all the projects. They are always upto-date as per the industry and approaches the clients with innovative concepts. They stand out from the category for Premium and Luxury brands like us. Key to success is meeting the brand requirements and especially in our case they have always ensured to be a site with all compliances in their system."

Vinay Kumar | COLORBAR
"We could not have been more pleased with the professionalism HG team displayed, just perfectly with a genuine concern and care for our BRAND and the delivery of an exceptional services. As a person, I always prefer to play with challenging designs along with all kind of materials to achieve the cost effective solution, HG team is always pleasure to work with. A+ isn’t enough, but they get that from me!"

Amit Mishra | Head Projects | 24 SEVEN
"HG Graphics played an important part in re-launching our brand 24x7. From finalizing the branding specifications, did a lot of sampling till it got finally approved. As on date, they have executed more than 20 stores and we have been completely satisfied with there work quality and over all workmanship."

Rashi | Visual Merchandiser | CARATLANE
"Working with HG team is an absolute delight. Thanks for keeping up with our pace and always being open to experiment on new concepts and techniques. Your team is most reliable and ensure great quality."

Gagan Chugh | Marketing Manager – Travel Retail | PERNOD RICARD
"Excellent Quality, finesse and timely execution makes HG Graphics one of our prominent partner. Accepting challenging tasks and delivering it, is key to our association with them."

Amitoz | DYSON
"HG have proven to be very creative and proactive. They are able to deliver in extremely short periods of time. Mr. Gaurav and his team Always ready to receive and give quick solutions /feedback, they are a valuable and reliable partner to our business."

Harshil Khichadia | Head Projects | TBZ
"As a Business Partner for HG Graphics, I have always enjoyed our working relationship as well as been inspired by their philosophy in customer service. They do an excellent job, they are always punctual, and offer detailed instruction on how to get the job done successfully. We have worked side by side on numerous events large and small, creating lasting memories for our clients. Once again, their philosophy and dedication to fulfill for client's expectations surpass the competition. I'm happy to recommend the services of HG Graphics."

Tejas Panchal | Manager – Store Design | CROMA
"It was more than 10 years working with HG Graphics. The kind of service and quality which we were getting during initial year were the best but now they had improved fantastically in that. Also the delivery time for projects are appreciable . If I want to rate them out of 10 than I will rate them between 9 to 9.5. Once again thank you for all their support."